DevOps for humans

We offer the service for free until February 14th 2019

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Go live in 3 easy steps

Create your project

Select a git repository and create your project

Select a git repository that your project is going to be based on and will automatically analyze your app and come back with suggestions for your infrastructure resources, configuration files and deployment tasks according to how it is set up.

Adjust the infrastructure to your liking & budget

Adjust the infrastructure to your desired size, a pricing indication will help you make sure you don't run out of budget.

The configuration files and environment variables will automatically get populated, you only need to review them so that they're tailored to your needs.

Review your infrastructure
Deploy your app

Hit Deploy and watch your app being deployed to the cloud

During each deployment, will create and provision the server resources for your app, run tasks like npm install or bundle install, adjust the configuration files and deliver the latest version of the source code.

The deployment will then restart the application servers, reload the web servers and your app is now live, you can now focus on the next feature you need to build.

Save time & keep everyone in the loop

Whenever you git push or merge a pull request on any of the deployed branches, our minions will get notified, scan for configuration changes and run a deployment for you.

You'll be getting an email notification whenever a Deployment succeeds or fails. Additionally, you can set up Slack, Hipchat or NewRelic to be notified so that everyone's in the loop.

Automatic deployments

We're here for your first deployments

Book your demo now and we'll spend 15 minutes on a Skype or Zoom call, explaining the benefits and answering your questions.

Pricing Free until Feb 14th 2019

We offer the service for free until February 14th 2019 and everyone will get a 14 day trial period after that. You'll be notified ahead of time for the pricing that's going to be effective starting March 1st 2019.

About Us

We are a small, distributed team of Software Engineers and each and everyone of us has more than 10 years of experience in building, scaling & deploying web applications.

We believe that Cloud ops & DevOps should be accessible to mere mortals in a friendly and time-saving way, that's why we've built

We are fanatical about our support and we take bugs personally, so rest assured that whenever you face any issue, our team will do everything they can, to fix it.